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Causes of a auto water pump malfunction (water pump)

Causes of a auto water pump malfunction (water pump)

    The water pump is an essential part of the auto’s internal cooling system, as the auto depends on it to maintain the temperature of the auto’s interior corridor to remain complete, similar as the machine, the gasoline distributor and other corridor that heat if the pump malfunctions, which leads to damage as well. The principle of the pump’s work depends on a set of corridor, a moving shaft, rotating bus, pulleys and belts, all of which cooperate to remove the coolant from the cooling tank towards the pipes around the internal corridor to cool it.

Causes of a auto water pump malfunction
Causes of a auto water pump malfunction

Causes of water pump malfunction

    The reason for the failure of the water pump is attributed to the following effects
  1. Not having enough coolant around the pump's mechanical seal, which will beget it to overheat, damage and leak coolant out of the pump.
  2. The wrong use of gaskets and sealants, or their wear and gash over time, which will affect the way the pump rotates, especially the mechanical seal.
  3. Using a coolant that isn't suitable for the vehicle’s tank or mixing further than one type of coolant, which will affect the cooling effectiveness negatively, and therefore be unfit to keep the pump corridor from high heat, which leads to damage.
  4. The presence of contaminations, dirt and canvas remainders in the coolant material that will rub against the internal pump corridor, causing them to wear out in a shorter time.
  5. Wearing the motor belt on the different pump gear side, or installing it inaptly, which will damage the pump in a faster time.
  6. Shaft and bearing failures, cracks due to the high pressure caused by the pump belt being too tight.
  7. Wear of breakers and breakers, which will affect the gyration of the pump and its incapability to distribute coolant.
  8. The pressure in the pump system is too low, due to a blockage in the radiator or a problem in its cap, or because of a low position of fluid in the tank, or a damaged sock.

Signs of a water pump malfunction

Note the following effects indicate a problem with the water pump

  • Coolant leakage

The presence of a spot of coolant on the bottom after the auto stops indicates the wear of the separating accoutrements and the pump gaskets, and it's advised to consult the specialists incontinently when this problem occurs, and it's worth noting that the coolant appears in an orange, green, blue or pink color.

  • Dirt and rust buildup

    The slow leakage of coolant leads to its accumulation on the external pump structure and its commerce with the air, causing the conformation of grease around it and the appearance of rust on it, due to the operation of a coolant that isn't suitable for the auto, or a problem in the pressure cap, which leads to air leakage outside, and the effect On the effectiveness of the coolant, it's recommended to check the corridor around the machine periodically to notice the presence of rust beforehand, and to avoid getting bigger problems.

  • A grassing sound when the auto is accelerating

    The vehicle makes a loud noise during acceleration due to the tautness of the machine belt in the pump or its fastening gears, and the reason may be the loosening of other belts in the auto, so all belts should be checked incontinently and tensed or changed with the help of specialists when this sound occurs.

  • The temperature rise on the thermometer

    High Auto thermometer readings indicate a problem with the intercooling system of which the water pump is part, and this means that it isn't able of effective cooling.

  • The appearance of bank

    The appearance of bank from the frontal box of the auto indicates that the water pump is fully damaged and the interior corridor are overheated, so the auto should be stopped as soon as this is noticed, and communicate the specialists to avoid serious accidents.

Water pump results

    The existent can find out the results to the problems that do in the water pump and repair them according to the needed, depending on the specialists, which are as follows.

  1. Refilling the coolant so that the tank is filled with it before making sure the pump is running, especially when installing a new pump, and it's recommended to rotate it several times before starting the machine to insure the spread of coolant in the pump system, and to avoid dry disunion between its corridor.
  2. Changing the old essence gaskets, and placing separating accoutrements according to the vehicle’s manufacturing instructions in a correct manner and in applicable amounts; Because the presence of a large quantum of sequestration accoutrements negatively affects the rotation position of the pump, and these accoutrements may blunder into other cooling system circuits, and it's recommended to avoid placing them in the event that there are rubber seals in the pump.
  3. Change the pump belt and the pump if one of them is damaged; Because each pump needs its own belt.
  4. Fully filter the coolant from the cooling system and wash it well when changing the pump, and put the applicable coolant according to the high- quality pump manufacturer, to cover the cooling system from rust.


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