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The serious accident of Tiger Woods would be due to a "dangerous" speed of 140 km / h

Tiger Woods car

    The Los Angeles police have just released their findings while denying any preferential treatment in the investigation into the accident of the American star. He was driving at twice the authorized speed

    The images had made the sports world shudder. Victim of a serious road accident on February 23, in Los Angeles, the American golfer Tiger Woods, the legend of his sport, would be responsible for this crash.

    This Wednesday, after refusing to communicate at first, the police published their conclusions on this accident in which the golfer was seriously injured. He and his lawyers gave their consent.

    According to the police, the loss of control and the numerous rollovers would be due to a "dangerous" speed of 140 km / h. In this section, the speed is limited to 70 km / h. "Dangerous speed for road conditions" is the cause of the crash that seriously injured Woods, 45, on February 23 in Rancho Palos Verdes, Sheriff Alex Villanueva told reporters.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

He accelerated rather than brake

    He also denied any special treatment of the star who had not been subjected to alcohol and drug tests. Authorities said the star told doctors responsible for caring for her broken right leg that she had not consumed alcohol or taken any drugs.

    Woods told authorities he didn't know how the accident happened and that he didn't remember driving. There is "no sign of impairment" of his abilities at the time of the accident, or evidence of "inattentive driving", said investigators.

    The golfer would have potentially depressed the accelerator while attempting to activate the brakes, upon loss of control of the vehicle, suggested Police Captain James Powers

    The American golfer announced to be released from the hospital two weeks ago, to continue his convalescence. Twenty years after his "Tiger Slam", a Grand Slam straddling two years, Tiger Woods will not be at the Augusta Masters on Thursday, where it all began for his prodigious career now in limbo.

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    From his home in Florida, between two rehabilitation sessions, after his multiple fractures to his right leg and ankle, caused by his off the road and his barrel rolls on February 23 on a road near Los Angeles, the man with 15 major coronations will surely have a heavy heart at the time of tee-time.


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