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How to repair a bicycle wheel chain

How to fix broken bike chain without tool

    The bike wheel chain is the part responsible for moving the gears in it as required to be able to move forward when pressing on the pedals, and the chain consists of an interconnected group of screws, plates and rotating pulleys that get worn out, causing loosening or interruption over time, or their inability to move properly True.

    in this article we will discuss how to fix these malfunctions.

Bike wheel track repair

    Track malfunctions and ways to fix them are divided as follows:

How to fix broken bike chain without tool
How to fix broken bike chain without tool

Track detachment from front and rear pedals bikes (Derailleurs)

    The track can be reinstalled on the gears by following these steps:

  1. Inspect the track chain for breaks and damage to its pins, plates and pulleys, replace damaged parts before reinstalling the track, and ensure the integrity of the sprockets and gears.
  2. Turn the bike upside down, to facilitate control and installation of the track, and avoid the bike moving.
  3. Note the position of the front and rear gearshift levers responsible for moving the gears, as this will be the reliable place to return the track to its place; The front arch shifter adjacent to the paddles is connected to the front gears, and the rear shifter appears in the form of a metal arm under the gears located above the rear wheel.
  4. push the rear gearshift lever forward; That is, toward the handlebar of the bike until the track chain is loose, and hold it in this position to be able to return the track to its place.
  5. Hold the track while installing the shifter arm and place its chain on the upper side of the rear gear, then hold the other end of the track and install it on the lower side of the front gear so that the teeth of the gears are inserted into the track. A thin tool such as a pen or using the hands can be used.
  6. Slowly moving the pedals back for one revolution, so that the gear teeth begin to fully enter the track chain, and it is recommended to rotate the pedals two or three times to ensure the stability of the track on the gears.

Hub gear split track repair 

    These bikes feature a box containing internal gears behind the sprockets on the rear wheel, and the chain can be reinstalled by following these steps:

  1. Use the nut wrench to loosen the rear axle nut.
  2. Push and hold the rear wheel to center the bike frame correctly, and re-tighten the axle nut.
  3. Change the degree of tension and looseness of the axle nut appropriately so that the track remains on the gears.

The front and rear gears are not moving correctly

    Dirt build-up in the track or a shift in the rear gear shift position is causing gear movement problems. This problem can be fixed by following these steps:

  • Clean the track with a degreaser cleaner, then wash it with water and add lubricant.
  • Tighten the nut that secures the shift wire near the rear shifter in a counterclockwise direction if the track is leaning toward the wheel links, i.e. it has trouble shifting from the small to the large gear tooth, and tighten the piece clockwise if the track is leaning away from the links, It is recommended to rotate the part gradually and move the pedals each time until the track is in the correct position.

Track chain wear and surrounding parts

The wear of the teeth of the gears, warping, and the wear of the chain causes the track to move incorrectly and affects the riding of the bike, and it is recommended to change the gears and the track chain in this case, and seek the assistance of specialists to avoid causing other problems in the bicycle.

How to know the slack of the track

It can be confirmed that the track is worn out and the need to change it by measuring the distance between every ten nails, which should be 25 cm. The track can be kept if the distance is only two millimeters, and it should be changed if the distance is more than the previous figures.

Track maintenance tips

    It is recommended to follow the following things to keep the bike chain intact and able to move the gears and wheels properly:

  • Clean dirt and grease all parts of the bicycle drivetrain, including the track rings by the pedals, the rear wheel assembly, the rear shifter arm and the track.
  • Use a bio degreaser to clean the track, because it is a strong and safe detergent for the track, and medical alcohol can be used, by following the following steps:

  1. Wet a damp cloth with medical alcohol.
  2. Place the cloth around the track, and move the pedals so that the track turns two to three times and becomes clean.
  3. Scrub tough grease stains intensively until they are gone.

  • Use a toothbrush or a bicycle brush to scrub the gear teeth using the previous cleaners, and a flat screwdriver can be used to remove dirt stuck in narrow places.
  • Put lubricated materials on the track after cleaning it to protect it from dirt and moisture that causes rust, by following the following steps:

  1. Dry the track thoroughly from any moisture.
  2. Moving the pedals to move the track, placing one drop of lubricant between every two to four joints between its joints, and not placing more than this amount.
  3. Use a cloth to wipe the excess of oiled materials, because dirt will collect on it, and it is recommended to re-lubricate the chain if it is completely dry, or when riding the bike in rainy weather, or when cleaning the chain, or it makes a squeaking sound.

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