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How to repair the bumpers of the car or change it completely

How to repair car bumpers

    The bumper of the car or the bumper of the car is part of its protection system, and it is an integral part of the front and rear of the car, and its function is to protect pedestrians from serious injuries as a result of accidents, and the hinged structures in it protect the solid parts in the engine room from damage or damage, The car bumper undergoes many tests when designing;

    To provide maximum protection for the safety of the car and those in it, and the safety of pedestrians, as well as providing the simplest ways to change it when necessary at low costs, or repair it easily. In this article, we will explain how to repair the bumpers of the car in easy ways, as well as how to change it completely when needed.

Car bumper repair methods

How to repair the bumpers of the car or change it completely
How to repair car bumpers

plastic welding

    Scratched car bumpers made of plastic can be repaired by following these steps:

  • Choosing the appropriate material to fill the edges and scratches according to the type of plastic used in the manufacture of the car bumpers.
  • Clean the car bumpers inside and out, removing dirt, dust, grease, and any obstructions that would prevent the padding from sticking; By wiping it with a tissue or a damp cloth and allowing it to dry completely.
  • Scraping and rubbing the paint and the edges of the scratches on the car fenders in a V-shape, to spread the welding material along the crack from the front and back, to maintain the flat shape.
  • Clean the scratched area with a plastic solvent, and scrape it off to a smooth, smooth surface, making sure to clean it with a damp cloth.
  • Putting the welding material using the welding machine, when the plastic begins to melt, care must be taken to insert the filling at the edges, and distribute the remaining filling on the surface.
  • Put the filling from the back part in case the scratch or crack is deep, make sure the filling is well distributed, and work quickly to avoid drying the filling before distributing it as required.
  • Scraped paint or edges can be used as a filler for scratch repair and restoration, and a plastic applicator can be used for filler, which is available in different types of plastic.
  • Apply a thick layer of solder to the scratch area, then sand it to cover the surface in a good way, ready to be covered with a layer of paint.

epoxy welding

    adhesive is used to repair and repair scratches and cracks in the bumpers of the car, using two tubes containing a soft material, mixing an equal amount of the components of the two tubes well, and used quickly to fill the cracks, as this material dries within five minutes, and can be used on the car from By following these steps:

  • Follow the previous steps in preparing the surface for grouting, and repairing scratches and cracks.
  • Apply a small amount at a time to fill the cracks, cover it with several layers of epoxy, and make sure to dry each layer before applying the next layer.
  • Avoid applying a large amount of filler to the scratch area, to maintain the flat appearance of the area, and then sand it 15 minutes after applying the epoxy layers.
  • Sanding the entire scratch area, to obtain a smooth and smooth surface, and a layer of filler can be added when needed, and it is preferable to use a material that enhances the adhesion of the filler, and sandpaper again, to prepare the surface for painting.

Car bumpers change cases

    There are cases in which it is preferable to change the bumpers of the car instead of repairing it. The following are some of these cases:

  • It is preferable to change the car bumpers when it is broken, except in exceptional cases that can be repaired using simple tools such as epoxy or fiberglass.
  • It is preferable to change the bumpers of the car in the event that there are deep scratches in the paint, or when there is a fracture that is moving downward, as its repair takes a lot of materials to fill it, so it is preferable to change the bumpers of the car completely.
  • It is preferable to change the car bumpers when there is a break or damage to its hooks, as these hooks protect the car bumpers.

Steps to change car bumpers

    Broken bumpers that cannot be repaired can be replaced by following these steps:

  1. Inspect the car bumpers and the damaged area, to assess the damage and determine whether the bumpers need to be repaired or replaced, by examining the hooks, lamp sockets, and internal parts damaged or broken as a result of the collision.
  2. Find bumpers with specifications that match the specifications of the old bumpers to buy it according to the make and model of the car, as it can be purchased from stores among auto parts, or through specialized sites on the Internet.
  3. Painting the panels and rusty parts of the interior parts of the car bumpers, using rust spray, then moving the car to facilitate the work of the spray, leaving it for a whole night, and repeating the steps when needed.
  4. Remove all the interior accessories of the car bumpers, such as the light connector and the lamp socket, and inspect them to change them if necessary, then work to remove the screws, external brackets and the frame.
  5. Install the new bumpers with cardboard to avoid scratching it, then reconnect the internal parts, and the screws.


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