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Causes of a car cooling malfunction

Cooling system problems and solutions

    The car cooling system is an important part for individuals to be able to drive their vehicles in hot weather, and the reason for the breakdown of the car’s ability to cool is due to the cooling system in it, and this system consists of hoses. pipes and other parts, and this system works to convert the coolant from the gaseous state that absorbs heat The hot car turns into a liquid state that releases heat during this process. and because all individuals care about protecting the cooling system from damage, we will present in this article the causes of the cooling system failure, and ways to fix it.

Causes of car cooling system problems

    The inability of the cooling system to reduce the temperature in the car properly is due to the following reasons:

Cooling system problems and solutions
Cooling system problems and solutions

1. The accumulation of mold and dirt on the air conditioning vents

    Types of bacteria grow on the air conditioner vents over time, in addition to the accumulation of dust particles in them, which will affect the exit of cold air from the air conditioner, so the vents should be cleaned every 5-6 months to avoid hot heat and disease.

2. Short circuit

    The high air temperature that the car is exposed to while parking, which may exceed 45 degrees Celsius, causes damage to the internal electrical wires in the air conditioning system, and thus causes malfunctions, and it is recommended to seek help of specialists to change the damaged wires.

3. Refrigerant leak

    The coolant material is the part responsible for absorbing high heat when it is in its gaseous state to get rid of it when it turns into a liquid state, so its leakage leads to the inefficiency of the cooling system, and the leak usually occurs when accidents occur, which leads to the exit of the coolant on the surface of the air conditioning hose, and then The air conditioner should be changed with the help of specialists.

4. The heat capacitor is clogged or damaged

    The condenser keeps the refrigerant cool until the cold air reaches the ventilation holes to cool the car, so condensate problems affect the efficiency of the cooling system, and the cause of its damage may be the accumulation of dirt and dust in its pipes, which causes hot air to enter the air conditioner vents.

5. A malfunction in the car air conditioner compressor 

    The compressor (compressor) is responsible for moving the coolant material by changing the pressure to turn from a gaseous state to a liquid in the pipes, so its malfunctions cause the coolant's inability to cool the air and enter the hot air, and this malfunction usually occurs when the car is running after a long period of stopping It lasts from two to three months, especially in the winter months.

6. The combustion of the electric air conditioner valves

    Valve damage leads to stopping the compressor from working, thus not cooling the air, in addition to damaging the electrical circuits, so the valves should be changed by relying on specialists as soon as they are damaged.

7. Air conditioner fan malfunctions

    If the AC fan stops working, it causes a problem in spreading cold air inside the car, so it is recommended to check its ability to work every 6-8 months.

8. Compressor belt wear

    Belt wear leads to the inability of the compressor to work effectively, which will affect the cooling system, and it is recommended to change it as soon as possible to avoid damage to other parts of the car.

9. Air filter clogged

    Dirt and dust collect in the filter, and its blockage causes a problem with the airflow from the ventilation holes, and thus the car does not reach the desired temperature, and this problem can be fixed by opening the front dashboard, removing the filter, and changing it.

10. Engine overheating

    Engine malfunctions cause an increase in its temperature, which will affect the work of the car radiator fan, which will lead to stopping the work of the compressor, and the inability of the cooling system to reduce the temperature in it as it should.

11. AC Actuator malfunction

    Operating the air conditioner at maximum power and speed leads to the opening of the Air Flaps in the front of the car between the headlights, which will allow a large amount of warm outside air to enter the car and reduce the effectiveness of the cooling system in it.

12. Turn the air conditioner on and off frequently

    Repeatedly opening and closing the air conditioner constantly disables the air conditioner and the compressor, so it is recommended to protect the air conditioning buttons from mischievous hands, especially in the event of children; Because they do not realize the seriousness of what they are doing.

Cooling system problems and solutions
Cooling system problems

Ways to increase the coolness of the car 

    An individual can increase the effectiveness of the cooling system in his car by performing some internal and external matters, as follows:

  1. Change the air conditioner filter as soon as it becomes clogged.
  2. Park in a shaded place to avoid heat retention in the car, and make it difficult for the air conditioner to work when it is running. It is recommended to place the car’s interior umbrellas to protect it from direct sunlight that increases its temperature and damages its parts.
  3. Refill the coolant when its levels drop, and its level can be known with the help of specialists.
  4. Avoid placing the air conditioner on the highest cooling setting immediately after it is turned on, but it should be placed first on the external fan setting to reduce the temperature gradually for a short time, and then put the air conditioner on the air recirculation setting, and then the air conditioner can be raised to the maximum degree of coldness.
  5. Avoid putting the air conditioner on the medium cooling setting, which will raise the temperature in the car and not get the desired temperature. Rather, you should choose the coldest setting and change the fan speed to become the appropriate temperature.

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