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Impala air conditioner repair according to holidays

Impala air conditioner repair according to holidays

    The air conditioning system is an important part of the car, especially in the summer and winter when the weather is very hot or cold. The air conditioner is used to cool the air on hot summer days, and warm it during the winter, so the air conditioning is one of the reasons for the driver and passengers to feel more comfortable in all types of cars, and the air conditioning may be exposed over time to malfunctions that cause it to stop performing its function as required, and in this article, we will explain Causes of car air conditioner malfunction, and how to repair or maintain a Chevrolet Impala car air conditioner when it fails to work or has a problem.

Impala air conditioner repair according to holidays
Impala air conditioner repair according to holidays

Repairing a malfunction that stopped the air conditioner from cooling

    Dirt and debris buildup in the air filter of a cooling system can cause the air conditioner to stop cooling the air, and mold and mildew buildup, leaking pipes, or fan damage can cause hot air to flow instead of cold air, as can be seen from the airflow Cold at the start of the air conditioner and then a hot airflow, which means that there is a malfunction in the air conditioning system, as this indicates a leak or explosion in the air conditioning valves, or damage to the compressor, while an unpleasant smell coming out of the air conditioning system indicates the accumulation of mold and fungi on the special filter The air conditioning system, and the accumulation of dirt causes the air to be restricted inside the filter evaporator, and mold and fungi are formed, which causes it to harden. 

The low percentage of Freon gas in Impala air conditioner

    The low percentage of Freon gas for the Impala air conditioner may cause it to stop working, or reduce the cooling efficiency. This problem can be solved by refilling the Freon gas, by following the following steps:

  1. Assemble the pieces of equipment for recharging in the Freon gas bottle, then open the valve through a twist to the top carefully to connect the hose to the Freon canister, as opening the valve forcefully can lead to a hole in the cap and gas leakage.
  2. Locate the port connected to the Freon filling place, and this port can be covered with dust, so it is preferable to clean it, then search for the location of the pipes for the port, taking care to install the hose well after placing it in the port and making sure that it is far from any fans or parts that may cause By moving the hose and removing it from the port for filling the gas.
  3. Rotate the Impala engine, and leave it until the engine temperature starts to rise, then turn on the air conditioner and put the temperature gauge in the air conditioning hole and note how low the temperature is until the minimum temperature drop in the Impala is reached, after which you must get out of the car while leaving the door open.
  4. Turn the valve in the gas charging device, and let the gas flow through it to reach the pipes of the air conditioning system in the car, then close the valve and monitor the gauge again, and the package may become very cold, so it is preferable to carry it using a towel or a piece of cloth, and it is necessary to leave not less than Minutes between turning the gas valve on and off, as this maintains the stability of the system.
  5. Put the thermometer on the air conditioning vents, and monitor the temperature drops steadily, and when the system is charged, the temperature will be stable at 4 ° C, and a good gas charge can be known when all parts of the aluminum tubes connected to the tank are completely cool.
  6. Close the gas valve when charging is complete when confirming that the recharging process has finished, taking care to avoid overcharging; This can damage the air conditioner.
  7. Remove the gas tube from the port, close the hood, then turn off the air conditioning system and the engine in the car.

Reset the HVAC system

    The Impala air conditioning system can be reset by following these steps:

  • Disconnect the negative side of the battery for at least five minutes, and the system will start to reset, and this will delete all the data stored on it from codes and commands, but this does not mean that the problem is solved.
  • Inspect the sensor and wires to ensure that there is no corrosion or damage to them, and it is preferable to clean the sensor or change it if it is confirmed that it is damaged.
  • Check the connector, clean it with an electric cleaner and spray it to get rid of corrosion and debris accumulated on it, then apply a quantity of grease to it when installing the sensor.


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