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Causes of the machine chain malfunction and the signs indicating that

Causes of the machine chain malfunction and the signs indicating that

    The engine chain is one of the important parts to run the car engine, as it is located in the front of the engine, and it is connected to some gears and pulleys that help to operate all mechanical parts, as it operates and closes the valves at the top of the cylinder, then moving the handles that begin to rotate around The gears, the connections rotate around its teeth, and the machine chain is made of metal, so it can be subjected to wear or damage over time, and in this article, we will explain the causes of the machine chain failure, and how to fix it.

Causes of the machine chain malfunction
Causes of the machine chain malfunction

Causes of the machine chain malfunction

    Several things may cause the machine chain to malfunction, and they are as follows:

  • The engine track teeth are damaged or eroded, and this can be known by the appearance of buzzing sounds when the car engine is running, and the loudness of these sounds when the speed is increased.
  • The expansion of the engine chain, and this expansion may occur due to the wear of the chain, which causes damage to the proper valves, and this can be known when the car consumes a greater amount of fuel, or the engine speed is low, or noise and crackling sounds appear inside the engine.
  • Slow movement or damage to the teeth, as the wear of the teeth, causes overtime to slow down the movement of the track teeth, or it may become hard, and this problem appears clearly when the engine is running and strange sounds appear.
  • Breaking one of the teeth of the engine chain, or breaking the entire chain, as the age of the car and the long period that it has been used can cause a break in the chain, and this can lead to significant damage to the car engine.
  • The engine chain is broken or damaged, and this can cause the engine light to turn on, which means that there is damage or particles inside the engine, and the presence of particles or contamination in the engine oil can cause the gears of the chain to wear out, which may cause damage to the engine or stop working.

Signs of an engine malfunction

    There are several symptoms that indicate a malfunction in the timing gear chain, including the following:

Car engine malfunction

    Car engines work through two methods, the first is the gear method, which is the method used in most large cars or trucks, while small cars work through the engine chain. A defect occurs in its rotation and thus leads to a defect during the operation of the engine, or a decrease in its speed.

Presence of metal particles in engine oil

    It is preferable to change the engine oil when traveling approximately 3000-5000 miles in the car, as the oil begins to disintegrate when it is heated, or when it comes into contact with any solvents or particles present in the fuel, which causes the machine chain to corrode, it may be broken, and some of its particles may leak into the tank Oil, and these particles can be observed when changing the oil, so it is preferable to check the track and associated parts when changing the oil.

Engine not running

    The presence of a break, damage, or loosening in the engine chain can cause the engine to not start or stop working while driving the car, as this can cause damage to the handles when they touch the valves, which also leads to the valves collapsing and thus damage the engine. Confirm this by turning to a mechanic.

Annoying sounds when the engine is running

    The appearance of annoying sounds and abnormal crackling during the operation of the engine indicates a malfunction in it, as many reasons lead to the appearance of these sounds, such as a broken or loosening of the engine chain, which leads to vibration of the engine, and a slowdown in its operation, so it is necessary Checking the machine chain, it is an essential part of the engine operation process, and the engine is useless if the chain is damaged or broken.

Use of unsuitable engine oil

    The use of an inappropriate type of oil for the engine can cause a problem with the engine chain, so it is preferable to choose a suitable oil for the car engine, in addition to the fact that it is necessary to contain anti-corrosion, as synthetic oils contain this substance, to prevent corrosion of the internal engine parts.


    Loading excessive weight in the car may cause a problem with the machine chain, as excessive loading leads to increased pressure on the car engine, which leads to chain wear and engine damage.

Oil filters damaged

    Oil filters contain a valve that prevents oil leakage when the car is stopped, and when a malfunction occurs in this valve, the oil will be delayed for the engine when the car is running, which means delaying the lubrication of the engine parts, including the engine chain, so it is preferable to use high-quality filters.


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