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Causes of car flash malfunction

    The use of music files inside cars has evolved over time, so manufacturers have moved from using CDs to play music files to using a flash that can be connected and read multimedia files to play music, and the car flash is one of the necessary accessories in it, as it can be used to charge a smartphone, or to access The music files inside it, through the presence of a flash port on the car dashboard, as one end of the cable can be connected to the flash port, and the other end to the phone port, and the flash can be exposed over time to some malfunctions that hinder its basic function, and this article will explain The main causes of car flash malfunctions.

6 reasons for car flash malfunctions

Causes of car flash malfunction
Causes of car flash malfunction

1. Using the wrong cable

    Using the wrong or inappropriate cable can cause the flash to stop working, and to make sure of this, it is preferable to use another cable, or a flash memory to determine the location and cause of the flash failure, as the cable may not fit the model of the drive or the flash port inside the car, and therefore stops reading files It is worth noting that the appropriate type of cable can be confirmed by searching on Internet sites.

2. Software update

    The type of software that the car recorder runs may not be compatible with the phone system. Therefore, it is preferable to update the software according to the make and model of the car, and the model of the car recorder on the Internet, in order to avoid facing any problems or malfunctions caused by the firmware.

3. Limited storage capacity

    The small storage capacity of the flash can cause it to stop working, it is recommended to choose a drive with a capacity of 2-4 GB, to facilitate reading the flash files, making sure that the capacity matches the drive model of the car.

4. There is debris in the flash port

    The flash port is one of the places most prone to the accumulation of dirt, debris and even dust, and this is due to the fact that it is an open port, so the accumulation of dirt can cause the flash to malfunction and stop working, and this can be confirmed by examining the flash port, cleaning it with a piece of soft plastic, and removing No dirt or dust inside the port.

5. There is a malfunction in the cable or port

    When you notice the disconnection between the cable and the flash, this is an indication that there is a malfunction in the cable or in the flash port, and this can be confirmed by using a sharp edge as a needle, and igniting a lamp light, to notice any bends in the edges of the port or cable, or the port is loose, and it can be repaired By gently pulling the port upward to secure it correctly.

6. Drain the car battery

    The flash charges cell phones by drawing power from the car battery, and this can drain all the power from the battery, causing the car to stop and charging the phone if the car model is old, and this is also a big problem for battery-powered car owners.

Tips to protect the flash from damage

    There are several tips to preserve the flash from damage, and among these tips are the following:

  • Heat is one of the most important reasons for the car flash to malfunction, so it is preferable to avoid exposing the car recorder to a high temperature, as this causes damage to the storage cells in it, which causes the flash to malfunction.
  • Water is the first enemy of the car recorder, so it is preferable to take care to prevent water from reaching the flash drive, as this can cause the files stored on it to be lost, although some files may remain after drying.
  • Installing the car recorder inside a box of its own, in order to protect it from falling or breaking that causes damage or cracking of the flash ports, and keeping it inside a box helps protect it from the accumulation of dirt and dust inside it.
  • Do not leave the cable plugged into the flash port after the vehicle has been parked; The outlets can continue to draw power from the battery even though it is turned off, causing a drain on electrical power from it, so it is best to disconnect any accessories or cables connected to the car after it is turned off.

Best USB for cars

    Here is a presentation of the best types of USB car chargers:

Anker Power Drive 2

    This piece contains a small charger that can provide power by about 2.4 Amps, and it is a great and economical electronic option at the same time, and it is compatible with many smart devices such as Android and Apple.

Anker Power Drive Speed ​​2

    This type is the best in car accessories, as it provides fast charging for smart devices, depending on the type of device.

Aikenuo 6 Port Car Adapter

    A port adapter of this type is good for use during long car travels, as it provides the ability to charge four devices simultaneously, has a long cable to reach the rear seats, and is moderately priced compared to other port adapters.


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