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Causes of car alarm malfunction and how to reset it and turn it off

Causes of car alarm malfunction and how to reset it and turn it off

    The alarm system inside the car is an important part to protect it from theft, as it consists of four basic parts: the computer, the key code receiver, the loudspeaker, and several sensors, including the shock sensor, the proximity sensor, the tilt sensor, the microphone sensor, It should be noted that old cars have fewer sensors than modern cars, and over time the alarm may be exposed to many problems that may cause it to disable, and in this article, we will explain the causes of the car alarm malfunction, and how to fix it.

Causes of car alarm malfunction

    Several reasons lead to a malfunction of the car alarm, including the following:

Causes of car alarm malfunction
Causes of car alarm malfunction

1. The car battery is low or out of charge

    A low or depleted battery can disable the car alarm, as the battery sends a signal to start the engine, which causes the alarm to turn off when the car is started each time, and the battery can be checked by using a voltmeter.

2. Corroded battery terminals

    Damaged or rusty battery terminals can disable the alarm by sounding the alarm, and the rusty terminals can be repaired by cleaning rust and corrosion using a high-quality battery cleaner. Avoid getting oil or grease and make sure it stays on the battery for a long time.

3. Safety switch malfunction

A malfunction in the safety key causes the car alarm to malfunction, as the car key works to send a signal to it, which may cause the battery to disable and reduce its lifespan, due to sending wrong signals to the alarm, as the key is linked to remote control.

4. Hood latch sensor is damaged

Damage to the hood latch sensor can cause the car's alarm to malfunction, as the accumulation of dirt on the hood causes the latch sensor to remain closed and not open. This problem can be fixed by following these steps:

  •  Check the hood latch sensor, by disconnecting the negative side of the battery, and locating the sensor, it is usually located near the headlights.
  • Clean the sensor with a cleaning brush, a piece of a soft cloth, and brake cleaner, spray a quantity of cleaner and gently scrub the sensor with the brush.
  • Wipe the sensor with a soft cloth, to remove dust and dirt accumulated on it.

5. Poor connection to the console

Poor contact with the main control unit inside the car disables the car alarm, which means there is a malfunction or a serious problem with the hood latch, and this problem can be solved by making sure the sensor is working, by disconnecting the sensor, then connecting it again, and checking the wires to make sure From installing them correctly, and to ensure that energy reaches the alarm system, and to ensure that it performs its full function, or resort to a specialist to solve this problem.

6. Weak shock sensors

Weak shock sensors may disable the in-car alarm system, as it can cause the battery to be weak and damaged over time, and the function of these sensors is to detect any impact or damage that the car may suffer, and these sensors are located at the bottom of the dashboard, and from It is necessary to read the instructions of the vehicle's manual to know how to install it.

Resetting the car alarm

The car alarm can be reset by following these steps:

  • Opening the car using the key manually, instead of the remote control, then starting the car and closing the dashboard lights more than once, and avoiding raising the engine speed.
  • Put the car key in the driver's door, move it twice to the right, then move it twice to the left, then start the car as usual.
  • Locate the alarm unit, by referring to the vehicle manual, then pressing system reset, turning it off and on again.
  • Locate the alarm unit, by referring to the vehicle manual, then pressing system reset, turning it off and on again.

Turn off the car alarm

    The car alarm can be turned off by following these steps:

  • Unlocking the car door using the key manually, then opening and closing the door again, and it can also be opened by pressing the lock button on the remote control.
  • Start the car as usual by using the key, as starting the car helps to turn off the sudden alarm.
  • Disconnecting the car fuse, which is an essential part of controlling the car alarm, by locating the fuse and removing it to replace it with a new one.


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