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5 reasons why the gearbox malfunctions in the car

 5 reasons why the gearbox malfunctions in the car

    Many people are confused about the reason behind the malfunction of the gearbox in the car, and they start showing it to specialists to repair it without any knowledge of the cause of the problem, and this problem may be repeated with them over and over again without any knowledge of the reason, and in this article we will review a set of reasons that lead to the malfunction of the gearbox.

5 reasons why the gearbox malfunctions in the car
5 reasons why the gearbox malfunctions in the car

1. Lubrication

    Lubrication is one of the most common causes of gearbox failure in a car. The oils used for the lubrication process form a layer that prevents engine parts from colliding with each other. There are a number of factors that affect lubrication; It is the type of oils used. If the oil is poor, it leads to the damage of the gearbox inside the car in a faster time, and therefore work must be done to choose the types of oils that are suitable for the type of car even if they are expensive, and the use of low-quality oils should be avoided; Because the cost involved will be greater. In addition, care must be taken to put the oil in the appropriate quantity; Because too little or too much of it will cause big problems.

2. Overloading

    Overloading is one of the most important reasons that lead to damage to the gearbox, and the problem is that if the load is large, the problems are catastrophic, and repairing the gearbox may not be simple, but it may require a lot of cost, as the excess load puts pressure on parts The engine, and causing a lot of damage, therefore, care must be taken to take into account the load of the car or truck, and to make sure that the load in the car is proportional to its capacity, and does not cause any pressure on the engine.

3. Corrosion of the car case parts

    Some parts in the trunk of the car sometimes get corroded; This is due to rust, or the accumulation of sand inside it, or the scattering of some parts resulting from the use of poor quality oil, and therefore when there is a problem in the car box, these things must be checked, and work to avoid them in the coming times.

4. Irregular arrangement of engine parts

    Arranging the engine parts randomly leads to catastrophic problems, it may lead to a malfunction in the car case, or damage to the engine parts, so be careful not to tamper with the parts of the car, and present it to a competent person to avoid many problems.

5. Engine part was broken

    The presence of a fracture in one of the engine parts may lead to a malfunction in the gearbox, and this fracture may occur as a result of severe pressure on the pedals, or overloading the car, so work must be avoided, and not to press the pedals to a large extent, and adhere to the required speed limits, Avoid placing an excessive load inside the car, and take into account the load that is commensurate with the car.

Signs of a gearbox problem

    The car often malfunctions, but many people do not realize that the reason behind these malfunctions is a problem in the car trunk.

  • The car does not respond when pressing the accelerator pedal, when the car pedals are pressed, the speed must change within a second, and a delay of more than a second is not acceptable, but sometimes this delay can be acceptable if the car is running on the normal engine, And not the automatic, and the long delay indicates that there is a problem with the gearbox, whatever the type of engine.
  • Fluid spillage from the car. If the car is parked, and the person notices fluid spillage from it, this indicates a problem in the gearbox, and this is an easy way to identify a problem in the gearbox.
  • The presence of annoying sounds and vibrations coming out of the car during movement, and many people do not take this matter into account, but it indicates a problem in the car.
  • The presence of a burning smell, if you notice a burning smell inside the car, and this is accompanied by problems in the engine, and the inability to adjust the speed correctly, it definitely indicates a problem in the gearbox inside the car, so you must work on checking it because the burning smell may It causes catastrophic problems.


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