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3 reasons for the machine head to malfunction in the car

3 reasons for the machine head to malfunction in the car

    The cylinder head is one of the most complex components of the car, but often these heads malfunction, and in this article, we will review the causes of these malfunctions, the signs by which it is possible to know that the engine head is broken, and how to fix these malfunctions.

3 reasons for the machine head to malfunction in the car
3 reasons for the machine head to malfunction in the car

1. The temperature is too high

    This is one of the most common reasons that lead to a malfunction in the head of the machine, as the temperature rises in the room in which the head of the machine is located, and this leads to the expansion of the minerals that make up this room, or the components of the machine head, which leads to its failure, so care must be taken to ensure that the cooling system is working inside the car, and avoid things that lead to overheating, such as thermostat malfunctions, radiator malfunctions, a malfunction in the cooling system, a malfunction in the water pump, and many other malfunctions that It may injure the car, and cause the temperature inside it to rise.

2. Valve malfunction

    The valves are characterized as cylindrical pieces that are connected to the head of the machine. They regulate the combustion process by allowing the oil to enter the combustion chamber. Any malfunction of these valves affects the head of the machine; As these parts are usually iron, many people prefer to use iron valves because they are cheap and durable, but they may be damaged or wear out and need lubrication over time, so some people prefer to use bronze valves because they are self-lubricating, and they may last for several years without the need, Therefore, when the machine head fails, it must be ensured that the valves work well, and do not need lubrication.

3. The presence of a fracture or torsion in the head of the machine

    The head of the machine is sometimes subjected to fracture or torsion due to severe pressure resulting from extreme temperature changes, especially since most of the machine heads are made of aluminum, and some of these heads bear torsion to a certain extent and can be returned to their place by a specialized person, and some of them are damaged and broken. We may have to change it, and this varies according to the quality of the materials that make up the head of the machine and its ability to withstand torsion, and therefore to avoid this problem, care must be taken to avoid the causes that lead to high temperature as mentioned above, and care must be taken to choose good quality machine heads so as not to They are broken or twisted and last as long as possible.

Signs of machine head damage

1. Filling the car with large quantities of fuel

    When the machine head malfunctions, we may have to fill the car with more fuel than usual, and the reason for this is due to the valves being damaged. Damage to the valves leads to pumping larger amounts of fuel into the engine to provide enough power, so you should pay attention to the amount that the car needs. Usually from fuel, and if we have to fill it in unusually large quantities, we must check the valves, and make sure that they are working properly.

2. Consumption of large quantities of oils

    Sometimes we notice that the car consumes large amounts of oil more than usual, and the reason for this is due to the wear of the valves, which in turn leads to damage to the head of the machine, so you must take into account the number of oils that the car needs, and an increase in this quantity indicates To the existence of a problem that must be resolved to avoid its aggravation; Because any problem can be easily solved in the beginning, but when neglected, we may have to change the parts that make up the valve completely, and this costs a lot of money.

3. White smoke comes out

    White smoke is one of the most signs of problems in the head of the machine, and this smoke usually comes out of the engine and indicates oil contamination, due to a malfunction or damage to the head, or the reason for this may be the leakage of exhaust gases through the head of the machine, and that As a result of a malfunction in its component parts, and therefore when white smoke is noticed, work must be done to change the cylinder head as soon as possible, or treat it if it can be repaired; Because smoke can cause major problems if the cause is not fixed immediately.

4. Engine malfunction

    The engine failure, or the inability to control it, is one of the things resulting from a defect in the head of the machine, so when you notice any problem in the engine in addition to the previous signs, the head of the machine must be repaired immediately.


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