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Steak chicken with thyme and lemon in the oven
sfdgd 18 April 2022
Ingredients To prepare the lemon sauce: Lemon juice: a quarter of a cup Chicken broth: half a cup Starch: a tablespoon Vinegar: a tablespoon...
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Creamy chicken steak
sfdgd 18 April 2022
  Ingredients - Chicken breast: 6 breasts - Salt: to taste - Black pepper: to taste - Butter: 2 tablespoons - Chicken broth: a third of a cu...
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Strawberry cheesecake ice cream cake
sfdgd 14 February 2022
  I'VE LOST MY ACTIVE MEMBERS LIST, PLEASE SAY (HI) TO JOIN MY NEW LIST 😘😘😘 Strawberry cheesecake ice cream cake Ingredients: Graham ...
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The serious accident of Tiger Woods would be due to a "dangerous" speed of 140 km / h
sfdgd 30 November 2021
Tiger Woods car      The Los Angeles police have just released their findings while denying any preferential treatment in the investigation ...
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How to repair a bicycle wheel chain
sfdgd 22 November 2021
How to fix broken bike chain without tool      The bike wheel chain is the part responsible for moving the gears in it as required to be abl...
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Causes of fuel injector malfunction
sfdgd 18 November 2021
Causes of fuel injector malfunction      The fuel injector is part of the fuel-to-engine delivery system. The petrol pump delivers gasoline ...
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Causes of a car cooling malfunction
sfdgd 16 November 2021
Cooling system problems and solutions      The car cooling system is an important part for individuals to be able to drive their vehicles i...
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